I Spy With My Little Eye

I was recently asked by a friend how to find out of his phone account was being spied upon by another in his apartment. The quick answer is that, Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure. if someone has a link to your iPhone, or android phone. If they have access to your iTunes account or Google account, it is possible to see those messages across multiple mediums. It all depends on what has been setup.

Determining if someone is spying on you can be extremely difficult. You don’t really know what extremes they have gone to, just to keep an eye on you. You could change all of your passwords, and look for strange programs installed on your computer, but depending on how technically savvy, and how devious the other party may be, they many have gone to some extremes to watch you. If the other party has gone to those extreme, then you really need to take some drastic steps.

  1. First, discontinue usage of those digital systems where the other person has access unless it is out of necessity.
  2. Write a list of ALL apps that you use on your phone. This is includes games, email, location aware apps, online banking, etc. Your list should also include all applications that you use on your home computer as well. Pretty much anything that has an account or is linked to a social media account or your email address or other personal information such as SSN, should be listed here.
  3. Now go to a computer that the other person does not have access to, and change all the account passwords for those things. This means ALL Email Address passwords, etc. Where possible, cancel the accounts and create brand new ones ( This is the best solution for accounts). Yes, it stinks that you have to tell others of your new email, or new Facebook, or new twitter, etc., but for peace of mind, this is your only choice. You basically need to cut access from that person. If the other party has a backup email or phone number linked to the current account, they may be notified of the changes made to the account, and all of your work is for naught.
  4. Change your physical phone and the account that is associated with the phone. Go to your provider, or switch providers, and get a brand new phone and account number. DO NOT REUSE YOUR EXISTING PHONE! Not only does this ensure you don’t have any erroneous programs on it, this process rids you of any small bugs that may have been attached to it in some fashion. Under the battery on the SIM card, inside the case, wi-fi card, etc. DO NOT reuse any hardware associated with the old phone, cases, covers, sd cards, etc.
  5. Turn WiFi off. If you connect to WiFi that he is sniffing, then all your work is for naught. DO NOT CONNECT WIFI AT YOUR SHARED RESIDENCE.
    Look for physical keyloggers attached to your keyboard or the back of the computer. Remove them.
  6. Once you have changed residences, have someone who you trust, or a computer shop look at the computer for any type of hardware or software spyware attached such as keyloggers, etc. You should probably have them wipe the drive, and rebuild the system. Make sure to get all pictures and other files that are important off of the computer onto a brand new external hard drive beforehand.
    Buy a new WiFi device for your new residence. Do not use any old one.
    Don’t share your digital information with anyone who might be susceptible to relaying that information.
  7. Look for GPS trackers on your vehicle. These can be purchased from phone providers now to track people’s children. There are GPS locators that just gather data, etc. Have a mechanic review your vehicle if you are unsure.

You basically need to do a lot of changing and locking, is what it comes down to, unfortunately. Anything that he currently has access to, or has links to is susceptible. Your best bet is to start new everywhere you can once you are aware from the person. That may be another residence, another state, etc. If you are being stalked, you should seek counsel from law enforcement, about possible name changes, address, etc.

Be cautious about how you communicate going forward. It may not be much, but if you say the wrong thing through the right medium, you can be spied or tracked easily. Unfortunately, sometimes the technological break-throughs that we have now aren’t as wonderful as we think they are allowing others to watch our every move.


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