Digital Curation is one my favorite applications that I now use daily. allows me to created my own digital Newspaper for my own personal viewing and for others as well. It allows me to consolidate contact from a number of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Sites, along with RSS feeds, all into one little portal for viewing. I can get focused news on particular topics based on the information I choose.

The online digital paper that is generated is basically a website containing your focused content. My interest stem to lean toward five focused topics surrounding technology, so I created 5 different online newspapers based upon my those interests:

All of this information is brought into my 5 new online newspapers that are available to anyone that cares to read them. I can focus on trending topics by utilizing hash tags.  People can subscribe to my feeds if they like, or they can simply pull them from your social media posts via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can even email them out if you like. With a little more work, you can even setup a group of people to email your digital newspaper, but that is typically outside of what supports.

Another handy feature that I like about is the ability to connect with others who might have the same focus or share in my field of work and expertise. When I am tweeting, I try to put hashtags in those tweets. By including hashtags, I might get picked up by someone else’s I can follow other contributors, subscribe to their feeds if I find their post of interest. In fact, I can set up my to pull information from their tweets.

Will a lot of online digital newspapers are utilized by individuals like myself, there are actually some heavy hitters, like Guardian Technology, who have created their own, allowing those readers that typically don’t subscribe to hard copy print editions, to get information concerning technology.

Fran Memed, Co-founder of CoHealth and publisher of Co_Health Daily , explains the benefits of in her business:

“The Co_Health Daily is one way we deliver information to our community. It helps me and others to keep on top of all of the news that’s out there, and in a more aesthetically pleasing way than via a Twitter stream. I also like that people can subscribe to it, as I know many of our members aren’t on Twitter. They can get the sent to their inbox.”

Readers and authors can choose to use as little or often as they choose, and allow for updates based on their likes. I currently update each of my papers once a week. allows you to filter through all of the superfluity of  today’s media so that you can read the information that is meaningful to you. There is just so much of it out there now, it is MEDIA OVERLOAD!

Perhaps, after taking a look at some of my digital news sites, you might be inspired to create your own Digital Newspaper. Post a link to your paper in the comments, if like.

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