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Image representing Hewlett-Packard as depicted...Windows 8 is DEAD! Is anyone really surprised? HP recently announced that they will be selling desktops and laptops with Windows 7 installed rather than the latest version Windows 8.1. For more than 20 years, I’ve watched the Windows Operating system change. A repeated history of ups-and-downs is the status quo for Microsoft. It seems that they ship some abomination roughly every other version – Windows ME, Vista, 8. I wonder if they even test these things out in real environments anymore. Microsoft did this in years past.

I was fortunate to beta test new versions of Windows such as Windows 95 as it grow from a very Macintosh looking environment to something that I have enjoyed to this day. Much of that Windows 95 look and feel continued with each iteration up to Windows 7. We had the opportunity to send feedback to Microsoft as a beta test  site, and it really seemed that someone was listening in Redmond, WA. By the time the OS package shipped, we were already using it in production.English: Zinglife 7" Android Tablet

So why did Microsoft make such a drastic switch to the tablet interface. The answer is simple really, Apple and Android. The Tablet market is booming, and it is a great way to do things. I’ve found many uses – eReader, recipe book, tablet-based gaming, email, internet research. It’s great for those types of things. But for me, the tablet is not the tool I use for web page design, writing, network or application based administration.

This Metro interface isn’t what people want or need to do ALL jobs. Computers, in the sense of the Desktop and Laptop Windows 95 interface, are still relevant. Microsoft has simple bastardized its core product in an attempt to “be like everyone else”. They should let those leaders continue to shine, and focus on what works best, their old Windows 95 style desktop OS.

With everything in the enterprise becoming so easy to virtualize, or deliver via a web interface, if Microsoft fails to focus, then the Windows desktop OS will become a thing of the past. Android & Apple have the market cornered. Microsoft should shift their focus to 3 things from an OS perspective Servers, Embedded Thin client infrastructure, and home PC Operating Systems,  all based on the Windows 95 interface. Open your ears Microsoft, and listen to what people have to say, or you will be singing the same song as the likes of Blackberry.



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